About Us

Judy Nimer Muhn, M.A., Ed.M.

Judy Nimer Muhn, founder of Rainmaking for Good, has held leadership roles in the non-profit, medical, government and education fields.  Her additional experience in public relations, women's rights, community engagement, volunteer support systems, water rights, advocacy and Native activism provides the basis for this business.

Judy Muhn holds degrees in medical technology, a Masters' degree in counseling psychology, a Masters' in HR/human services and has been an adjunct faculty in psychology and organizational development.  Judy has provided workshops around the world in transformational psychology, ceremony, group development, relationship building and team-building.  

A professional trainer and facilitator with a strong academic background in adult education, Judy's advanced studies in communications, leadership and group theory round out the tools that are brought to bear on your challenging issues.

 As Judy says, "I'm Native American and Euro-American, and the concept of the "rainmaker" is one that made sense to me on so many levels.  Rainmaking for Good is an accurate description of the multi-dimensional work that is at the heart of the energy I bring to relationships.  I can help your team develop as rainmakers, and I can help individuals identify their core principles to develop their own rainmaking abilities."